Friday, December 24, 2010

So, this is Christmas...

A Very Merry Christmas to ALL of our friends! Lest you think you didn't make it to our proper Christmas card list, I'll let you in on my secret... NO ONE made it to our Christmas card list. I have the cards and the intention, I just don't have the motivation.

Once again, we find ourselves blessed with many friendships.

We are continuing to blossom here in the South. The kids are happy in their schools. (Although, Payton will deny it). They are all doing well. Pretty much geniuses (genii?) I won't gloat. But, they're pretty smart kids.

Payton is playing viola in the orchestra. He loves it. We don't know why. He refuses to practice. But, when we threaten to stop the whole thing, he recommits himself. We can't figure out any underlying motive. That will be on our "to do list" for 2011. Oh yeah, and he turned 13. **gulp**

Taylor took some time off of piano to do archery, beta club, and math olympiad. She's a tough, smart cookie. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up because she's so good at arguing. (I would give her an "A"). She practices every day. She may live to turn 13. **GULP**

Macy is loving the 2nd grade and gymnastics. She has a lot of friends and loves her teacher. Isn't 2nd grade the best? She informed me that she hadn't received any mistletoe kisses this year. I told her it was best to save those until she was older. She said, "Well, when I'm a teenager I won't even be here. I'll be in Hollywood making movies and Christmas specials." That's Macy. I'm not going to let her turn 13.

Reily and I spend A LOT of time together. This year she has excelled at gymnastics (like, future olympian, seriously) and dropped out of pre-school. She has a very busy social schedule with too many BFFs to count. She'll wear me out before she turns 13.

I have been bit by the crafting bug. I'm thinkin' of opening an etsy shop at some point. But, don't hold your breath. I'm in the home stretch of juicing up my graphic design portfolio. It's going to take some prayers and some serious midnight oil to get it all done by March.

Blaine is doing well at the University. He really likes to teach and tells me he's pretty funny. He's stopped telling me how smart he is. It's just assumed and accepted around here. He had some major papers published and is just itching for a good grant...again, prayers.

We are doing well. We hit some rough spots with bad luck and major catastrophes for a few months, but I think we've ridden them out. Just small, daily catastrophes right now....major appliances, dental work, stuff like that. I think we'll weather it well.

2011 couldn't have come at a better time.

We are truly grateful for our friendships scattered all around the globe. When I think of where we've been and who we've had in our lives, you are all a giant part of who we've become; and we consider you family.

Love and Best Wishes,

The Griffens

Friday, January 2, 2009

...and a Happy New Year!!

This is the Christmas Card you were all supposed to get! But, Target messed up and they all said "Erry Christma". Of course, I was already falling far behind the postal deadline and decided to devote my time to other things; thinking, I would get a card out right after Santa. I should know myself by now.

2008 was a big year for our family.

Blaine FINALLY landed that big, grand Assistant Professor job we've been working hard for all these years! We cannot help but realize what an enormous blessing it is. He has just finished his first semester teaching and got some pretty good reviews. He is really enjoying the University of South Carolina and works with some very nice people. He is anxious to get his research up and running this next semester. We just hope it takes us back to New England for a bit this summer...crossing our fingers.

I have hung up my darling waitressing aprons...hopefully for good. I have returned to school to bring my portfolio up to date and learn all those programs that came about after the internet. It has been a lot of fun; but, fairly slow moving with such a busy year. 2009 is the year!! I'll knock it out. You'll see my name in lights soon!

Payton is doing well in the 5th grade. He has a certain goofiness that is only appreciated by a small few. He likes his new school and has adjusted pretty quickly. He still pines for New Hampshire (as we all do). We have to remind him of the great opportunities he has here. He is taking viola...just to get out of Chorus. He's the top of his class in math. And, can work wonders with his legos.

Taylor is in the 4th grade. She loves her new school, teacher, and classmates. The ward here is FULL of girls her age and they all seem to get along. What a blessing! (I think Payton will come to realize this in the years to come.) She is an avid reader, excels in math, and sings in the district elementary choir. She is a strong, bright girl.

Macy is charming her way through Kindergarten. She has a new friend and boyfriend everyday. She is quite the socialite. She loves school and has learned so much already. She is currently reading and re-reading Biscuit. She is a budding veterinarian and loves anything that has to do with animals. She is a real sweetheart.

Reily is 3! Do I have to say anything more? Three is great. I just want to bottle her up sometimes and save her. Other times, I just want to time-her out until she's 5! We spend a lot of time together. She loves Noggin and me. She is a Momma's girl. She gets giddy watching Target commercials; and wakes up in the morning asking what store are we going to. Hmmmm...I'd better change some things this year. She has been attending a pre-school co-op with 2 sweet little boys: Smith and Eli. They are the best of friends and love being with each other. Reily is a loving, energetic little powerhouse.

2008 brought us all a bit of heartache. I lost my father to his battle with lung cancer in October. I can't let the year pass without mentioning him and how much we love and miss him. I learned so much about him and his character in the short time before he left. He was loved by so many because of his gigantic heart...a heart that would not quit! What a wonderful example he has left my family.

It's hard to mix a year full of blessings with sadness. But, we are blessed with so much. We are a strong family trying to be good to each other. We do love each other. We have a knowledge of God's plan for us and recognize his hand in our everyday blessings...and that is our glue.

I hope your Christmas was bright and your New Year brighter!

With love,

The Griffens